New Chairman EUCW


EuCW Chairman

Personal Introduction RM2D (SM6LRR)

Dear CW friends,

I am reaching out to you, with a short introduction of myself. As you personally might be aware of, I will

take over the position as EuCW Chairman for the next three years, representing UQRQC. It is first of all a

true honour to be selected by UQRQC as their representative to lead EuCW for this upcoming period of three

years. Thank you for the trust and nomination! I will put my best efforts in strengthening EuCW and the

close interaction with all Membership Clubs and our International Associated Clubs. In order for you to get

to know me a bit better, here is a short personal summary:

I was born in Sweden 56 years ago (1966) and grew up near Gothenburg (Göteborg). My first contact with

shortwave radio was through my grandfathers old SchaubLorenz AM receiver. While doing my first BC

DXing, I also heard signs of CW and immediately told myself: “This language I need to learn in order to

decode all the secret messages that must be hidden on the bands . In 1979, as a 13yearold high school

student, I was introduced to Ham Radio for the first time. At the school we had a club station (SK6JQ) and

this was during a time when 10 meters was in a super shape due to approaching sun spot maximum. What

actually interested me mostly at that time was to develop my English language skills by talking to US

SM6LRRstations on 10 meters SSB. However, the requirement to be able to do so from an own station, was of course

at that time to also learn CW. I did so during the winter 1979/80, and in September 1980 I was the lucky guy

to receive the callsign SM6LRR. Ten years of intense activity followed, and I still remember the day when I

became a member of my first CW club HSC. This was in 1983. SSB interest was more and more replaced

with the love for CW, and even during the long QRTperiod 19902005, I kept the CW knowledge alive.

Once you learn to ride a bike, the ability never disappears.

In 2006 I was selected for a position as Centre Manager for a large IKEA Shopping Centre and moved to

Russia. I then realized it would be interesting to also be active as a Swedish Ham in Russia, but the rules for

foreign hams in Russia at that time were very unclear, and it took me nearly three years until I finally was

awarded with a temporary Russian call R3/SM6LRR (May 2009). In 2012, I got my permanent RM2D

callsign. Ever since, I have been very active on the bands with a keen focus on mainly different CW

activities. I appreciate all kinds of Ham Radio directions and some of them are CW (QRQ and QRS to

support newcomers), DXing, Contesting, RDAhunting (and activation). Approximately 8085% of my time

on the air is CW, with some occasional SSB in between. I have tried digital modes some five years ago, but

never got hooked. Although I am not fanatically trying to be member of all CW clubs there is, I am still a

member of a few (in alphabetical order): CWOps, FOC, HSC, RCWC, SCAG, SKCC, UQRQC.

Sometimes I bring my radio along on holidays and business trips, and occasionally I have participated in

some DXexpeditions. Calls that I have activated during such occasions include: 5B/SM6LRR, 4S7LRG,

XV2LRR, XV2D, 4U70UN, RM2D/0, XV9D, TI9A, 8Q7MS, JT4RR.

My home station RM2D is located west of Moscow (100 kms from the Red Square) and consists of a few

different radios: TS590S/Elecraft K2/Elecraft KX3, Lab599 TX500. My antennas are: SP7IDX Hexbeam

at 18 meters, vertical for 40 meter, Inv Vees for 80, 30 (and 160 meters to come). I work CW using Bencher

and Bamatech paddles with WinKeyer as well as straight key (Swedish key from 1979). Lately I am trying to

also master a vertical bug but take very small and slow steps so far. The Iambic pattern has deeply penetrated

into my brains and have issues to switch to sending beautiful bug characters so far.

Last but not least, I am a dedicated believer in Ham Spirit, and Ham Radio as a bridge between people

belonging to ANY nation, ANY culture, ANY religion or ANY sexual orientation. We indeed have huge

geopolitical challenges, not the least in the country where I chose to live (and plan to live for many years).

Emotions are strong, opinions not less. But my motto is that Ham Radio is and shall remain an

APOLITICAL hobby. Therefore, I am stubbornly resisting any attempts to make me state opinions or take

sides in ANY conflicts of the world. I was raised by my Elmers in 19791980 to NEVER talk politics on the

bands, or when wearing my Ham Radio Call on a cap or on a tshirt. I have friends in many, many countries,

and I intend to continue this way to lead EuCW through a challenging time. This, just to straighten any

questions marks, and to understand my Ham Spirit view, leadership style and commitment to Amateur Radio

as such.

Now to another important topic:

EuCW is an organization that is supposed to interact umbrella for lots of independent CW organizations.

We are not on top of CW clubs. We are instead (or should be) the glue between clubs, that ensures that

CW is always remaining as the backbone of Amateur Radio in Europe (and elsewhere). But for EuCW to be

efficient and strong defender of CW, I also need YOUR personal help to support me. Every quarter, I am

responsible for issuing a newsletter. The quality of that Newsletter partly depends on the input I get from

you, as ECM for your CW Club (or Liaison officer for our international Associate Clubs). My schedule for

the newsletters will be the following:


Publication of newsletters not later than seven days from the beginning of each Quarter:

Latest Jan 7th

Latest April 7th

Latest July 7th

Latest October 7th

This means that I will ask you as ECMs and Liaison Officers to provide your important points beforehand.

Let us make things easy. Deadlines for next quarter should be delivered not later than March 25th, June 25th,

September 25th and December 20th (Christmas should be peaceful without additional disturbing tasks). In a

few weeks, I will send another letter with small, desired expectations from you guys. We need to ensure that

we get better to streamline the quality of information from all member clubs, so we can give a professional

picture of EuCW and its members on the homepage. Today, there is a bit of undesired quality and content

variations, being my first impression. Together, I am sure we will be able to make this gradually change in a

positive way. Any time you have some questions, always feel free to contact me by email: or via any of the messaging systems

WhatsApp/Signal/Viber/Telegram/Botim on my number +79150258381

Looking very much forward to working together in EuCW to strengthen European CW in particular as well

as International CW!

73 de Mats


EuCW Chairman sm6lrr