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WB2UZE shack today









I have been a ham since 1965 and at that time being 13 years old, was one of the youngest around. Now after 54 years of activity, I am 67 years old. I operate predominantly on CW which I enjoy the most. Myself and K2UPS recently


founded the LONG ISLAND CW CLUB. Please take a look at our website:  https://internationalcwcouncil.org/

I am also proud to say I obtained my Extra Class license in 2006 and considering not coming from a technical or electronic background, that was a very important accomplishment for me.

Equipment run down:

Current modern station: Yaseu FT-950 and Acom 1000 linear

Vintage station:

Drake T4X, R4A, Hallicrafters TO Keyer. I ran the Drake Line exclusively up to July 2010.

DX-60 and Globe VFO which was my first rig from 1965.  The DX60, Globe VFO and Drakes are the very rigs in the below 1967 photo.

Viking Ranger 1 and Collins 75A4

Heathkit Marauder HX10 and Mohawk RX1

Heathkit SB610 and HO10 scopes

Hallicrafters S120 and Starlite A120 SWL receivers

Ameco TX62

SX28A now in the shop of my friend Joe N2OUV who patiently and professionally restored all these boat anchors to museum quality condition.


160-30m: MFJ -2990 43 foot vertical, ground mounted with 2,500 Ft. of radials. MFJ 2910 remote matching unit at the antenna base to better tune the antenna on 160m and 80m.  So far 103 countries on 160m.

20-6m: TGM MQ-36SR 3 el. Mini Beam up 25 feet on the house roof (photo shown above). Tuned with the MFJ 989D match box

2m/70cm: Diamond X-200A vertical mounted on top of the be

73, Howard   April 6, 2019

Manhasset, NY on Long Island about 20 miles east of New York City.



I was first licensed in June 1958 as KN2UMU at age 11. In April 1959 I passed my general and became K2UMU. I upgraded to extra class in 1970, then moved to California in 1973. My call sign was changed to NS6V in 1982, and to K6RB in 1997. I am primarily a CW operator spending about half my time rag chewing, and the other half, contesting with a modest station. I am a member of CWops, the Northern California Contest Club (NCCC), and FOC.

Current Station:

For contesting and WARC operation I have a K3 and KPA-1500, and for cruising down a country road with the top down in a 1957 Chevy, I have the Globe King 500 and 75A-4 station.

Both stations make use of the SteppIR DB18 at 55 feet plus a Double L for 80 and a second Double L for 160 that are anchored to the tower.

















Giving Back…

These days in addition to the usual activities, I help hams acquire and/or improve their CW skills. The CW Operators club (CWops) sponsors a three-time-per-year CW training program. I volunteer as an advisor to a group of students each of the three semesters. The program has become very popular. Information is available at https://cwops.org/cw-academy/ . In addition, since January 1 2020, several operators in various time zones get on 40 meters, at 7 PM local, between 7.035 and 7.045, operating at 20-25 wpm, and offer QSO practice to those who want to improve their CW skills. They will be heard calling CQ and adding « CWA » after their callsign sequence. That will identify those operators as volunteers who are there to offer QSO practice. My sked is Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 7 PM local (PT or PDT). The schedule for others can be found at https://cwops.org/giving back/ .



Ces jours-ci, en plus des activités habituelles, j’aide les radioamateurs à acquérir et/ou améliorer leurs compétences en CW. Le club CW Operators (CWops) parraine un programme de formation CW trois fois par an. Je suis bénévole en tant que conseiller d’un groupe d’étudiants pour chacun des trois semestres. Le programme est devenu très populaire. Des informations sont disponibles sur le site https://cwops.org/cw-academy/ . En outre, depuis le 1er janvier 2020, plusieurs opérateurs dans divers fuseaux horaires se mettent sur 40 mètres, à 19 heures locales, entre 7,035 et 7,045, en opérant à 20-25 wpm, et offrent une pratique de QSO à ceux qui veulent améliorer leurs compétences en CW. On les entendra appeler CQ et ajouter « CWA » après leur séquence d’indicatif. Cela permettra d’identifier ces opérateurs comme des volontaires qui sont là pour offrir une pratique de QSO. Mon programme est le mardi, vendredi et dimanche à 19h00 locales (PT ou PDT). L’horaire pour les autres peut être trouvé à https://cwops.org/giving back/ .