Le Comité EUCW

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G5VZ, Chris, Email Address

Other EuCW officials:

EuCW Snakes and Ladders activity manager:
DM4RW, Robert.

EuCW award manager:
DK7VW, Joe,
Email Address

EuCW Midsummer Straight Key Day manager:
SM0OY, Lars,
Email Address

EuCW QRS Party manager and webmaster of eucw.org:
DL1GBZ, Martin,
Email Address

EuCW 160m Contest manager:
F6CEL, Ghislain,
Email Address

EuCW Novice Award manager:
G3VTT, Colin L Turner, 17 Century Road, Rainham, Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom ME8 0BG

European Communications Managers. The ECMs represent their member clubs at the EuCW.

Liaison Officers. They ensure the contacts to associated overseas clubs.

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